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Année Universitaire 2013-14
Licence LLCE Anglais Semestre 4
Civilisation (US)

Skirmishes in the Borderlands Between Church and State:

Religion and Education in the US

Course material (CM)

Course material (TD documents)

There are two TD teachers in alternation for this course: Mehdi Achouche & Charles C. Hadley. They will use many of the same documents in their respective courses, but students should find out each week what particular texts will be addressed at any particular class meeting. Mr Achouche has a page on Spiral; students can also look on the "texts" page below to find out what to work on.

TD documents now available here: [texts].

Final Exam

A brief description of the final exam can be found here.

Université Jean-Moulin - Lyon 3
Faculté des Langues
Charles C. Hadley 2013-14
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