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Licence LLCE Anglais Semestre 5 UEF 3
US Civilization (Charles C. Hadley: "Sweet Land of Liberty: 'Freedom' & Music in US Political Discourse")

"Sweet Land of Liberty"

(If you don't feel up to wading through all the prose on this page, you can find the TD documents down in the bottom right-hand corner, the last place you would have looked... er)

A brief outline summary of the objectives of the course can be found here

A course description, including of the final examination (in French) can be found here.

What is "civilisation"? (Click here for my answer to this somewhat perplexing question...)

Bibliographic resources

Some potentially useful sources, both books and web-sites, can be found here. (These references were originally intended for the 1st-year course in civilization, but it can't hurt to look at them again... )

The list of books and resources I recommend for the third year course is here.

Some of the works I have consulted and used in putting this course together are listed here.

My suggestions on how to approach a "commentaire de texte" of a historical document (or other document in "civilisation") can be found here.


Why is this lecture course entitled "Sweet land of liberty"? An introduction to the course can be found here.

Some information about the song "America" can be found here.


Texts and documents for discussion in the TDs are available here.

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